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Individual and couples counselling

Are you suffering from relationship problems?
In our practice we offer both individual relationship counselling and couples counselling.

If you would like to work on your relationship, I would love to support you in that. So that you can start to enjoy the love, life and each other!

relationship counselling

Relationship & Marriage counselling

No relationship is ever smooth sailing all the way through and sometimes you reach a point where you need some help to work through relationship issues.

One common problem is (mis)communication. You try to talk to each other, but just end up shouting at each other instead. In this environment neither you, nor your partner are actually hearing what is being said.

By sitting with a couples counsellor or relationship coach you can take the time to express yourself and really hear each other.

Previous clients have often told me “If we hadn’t come to see you, we would have split up by now”. Each time it makes me very happy to hear when couples have found each other again.

Relationship problems

Relationship counselling can help you with you a wide range of issues, such as:


Adultery, affair, infidelity

Emotional infidelity and/or sexual infidelity usually triggers a lot of emotions.


Communication problems

Are you suffering from miscommunication in your relationships?

Cultural differences

Cultural differences

Cultural differences can bring an extra, complicating factor in forming a relationship.

relationship counselling

Other relationship issues

✓ Addicted to love
✓ Autonomy in relationship
✓ Commitment phobia
✓ Cultural differences

✓ Divorce
✓ Family problems
✓ Fear of abandonment
✓ Insecure in relationship
✓ Intimacy issues

✓ Jealousy
✓ Love sick
✓ Marriage problems
✓ Midlife crisis

✓ Relationship anxiety
✓ Relationship fights
✓ Self love
✓ Sex addiction

Could you use some extra support in your life and relationship?

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My name is Colin, I am a qualified counsellor and registered member of New Zealand Association of Counsellors.

I have over 30 years’ experience in counselling individuals, families and couples.

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