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Counselling for children

Are you looking for a child counsellor in Whangarei?

My name is Andy Cooper. I have a lot of experience in child counselling en youth counselling.

Sometimes children may need some extra support if they are finding it difficult to deal with or understand emotions and/or behaviour.

I can help your child access suppressed feelings. With a little help your child will blossom naturally into the fullness of their own heart and you can expect your child to spontaneously develop creativity, empowerment, inner calm, joy and happiness, self-belief and self-motivation.

Types of issues

Issues children may deal with are:

  • Being anxious or fearful
  • Being bullied
  • Being scared of the dark
  • Dealing with a family breakup
  • Depression
  • Feeling angry or lashing out
  • Grieving of loss
  • Having tantrums
  • Learning issues
  • Struggling with a lack of confidence

Could your child use a little extra help? Send me a message. I would like to help.

Andy Cooper
Child & Youth Counsellor

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